This is the first time that the evaluation of an emode test shocked the socks out of me, but before they gave the results I was informed that I'm currently 11,339 days old (uh... thanks.). Here's the result:
Heff, you're a POLITICIAN!

Your personality is actually determined by two personality sub-types - your primary, or dominant sub-type, and your secondary sub-type. You are a Politician which means you are a Success / Golden. Your primary sub-type is defined by "Success" characteristics and your secondary sub-type is defined by "Golden" characteristics.

That means you're forceful, innovative, and popular with the masses. Chances are you aggressively pursue your goals, and you enjoy impressing people. You've always been surrounded by friends and loved ones and have a natural sense of showmanship.

How do we know all this? How do we know that you're perfect for any work that requires personal interaction? How could we have divined that you would never say anything that offends anyone — at least to their face?

Because while you were taking the test, you answered four different types of questions — questions that measured confidence, apprehension, willingness to take risks, and your focus on experience versus appearance — the primary traits that determine your personality. Based on your responses, we determined your personality type, Politician.

And that's just scratching the surface.

Me? A politician?! I... uh-uh... No way!


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