I did it. I came fro my friend's office late afternoon. He even fed me some lunch (what gave him the idea that I hadn't eaten yet?). He was there with his older brother and I even sat through a business meeting together with his two brothers. It was really, cool. He even said that I should have been there earlier so that we could have eaten lunch together. Wow. I met his youngest brother, Joel, around 5 years ago and here he was again. I met his older brother this last January during our alumni homecoming. Didn't realize that business was that hard too on their part.

Joel brought along his college buddy who had a business proposition for the others about this construction deal in the province of Negros. All the while my friend and his older brother was talking about the business I imagined the words being filtered out of my brain. It was all gibberish to me. During the short lulls, I heard that the three brothers had really notorious reputations in Don Bosco. I guess if you were in high school during the second half of the 80s and early nineties it would be impossible not to hear about them. So it was true, they had notoriety back then. Anyway I already conquered my intimidation over them and am now looking at a good friend. Hehehe... oh yeah, whenever he introduced me to his friends and to his brothers he would refer to me as his batchmate. I'd like to think that it carried more weight than being referred to as just one of his friends. He has lots and lots of them.


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